Monday, October 13, 2008

First post!

In my defiance of all things work related, I've decided to set up a blog. I've wanted to for some time, but have been lazy. It is now 3:00 exactly on Monday. I'm waiting for the clock to strike 3:15 so I can break out of here. Not that work is's quite wonderful actually. I enjoy my kids, my sun-filled classroom, and the fact that almost everyone leaves me be.

So how does one go about this whole blogging thing? Do I write like I used to write on LiveJournal (god, remember that!). Or do I save this space for my ramblings about politics, religion and musical theater? Do I introduce myself?

I goes.

I'm Kat. No, I'm not going to tell you my last name, or where I live. I'll give you a hint though.....people call this 'lil part of the world "The Armpit of America". I'm an educator, musician, amateur actress, history buff, wife, sister, daughter, friend, musical theater aficionado, godmother and damn good baker.

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