Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stand-by for the 30's

A few years ago I stage-managed a semi-professional production of Scrooge: The Musical. For those of you who don't know, stage management involves many many things. One of these things is to call the lighting cues for the show. So, on this particular production, I was working with a fleet of younger guys (only younger by 2 years, max). I was rapidly approaching my 26th birthday and had expressed my concerns about getting older. Also, there were a slew of light cues that came one upon the other. So, in order to save time, I would call "stand by for the 30's". Well these guys thought it would be funny to make that the running joke about my age. "Kat is in standby for the 30's!"

Now, next month, I'm having my golden birthday. 29 years old on November 29th. Strange. This time next year I'll be 30. I still don't think of myself as old. Yesterday, while I was getting steroid shots and nebulizer treatments I was flipping through a copy of "Parenting" magazine. (Cut me some slack! It was all they had). Anyway, in this magazine was an ad for Care Bears. It said something along the lines of "Remember your first Care Bear?" Care Bears were an 80's creation! I had two Care Bears and a freaking Care Bears bedside lamp!

I was so taken-aback by that ad. Surely my age group isn't old enough to be parents?!?!? But alas, we are. Or they are. I, on the other hand, am way too young to be having babies.......let alone be teaching them about the ways of Care Bears!

So, I am in "stand-by for the 30's" and I'm alot closer now than I was then. But it's ok. I'm ok with it. However, I believe that age is purely a state-of-mind. I'm determined to be 24 forever. 24 was a good year.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some people are just broken.
But you have to stop yourself from caring
So that you don't get disappointed.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Adding Insult to Injury

Since I got back from Eurotrip '08 it's been one piece of bad news after another. My cousin died, my grandmother has end-stage cancer, my surgery was cancelled due to insurance issues, my brother is using again........the list seems to be endless.

And now........today.........I find out Spring Awakening is closing.

have a sore throat from teaching all these beginning violin lessons. "Stand up with your violin, no leave the bow, no pick up the violin but leave the bow, leave the rosin, no, leave your rosin on the floor with your bow and pick up your violin." Ugh.

I need a break. I need palm trees and tropical breezes. Fruity drinks and rolling tides. Quiet woods, chilly mountains. Nothing but silence and a giant pause button for my life.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ugh. This book.

I'm the kind of person who must have a book to read at all times. I get tremendous amounts of anxiety if I am not currently involved in some story. However, money is tight right now, so I've resorted to re-reading some books that I read long ago. Last night, I just finished a book I read back in 2000 called Jemima J by Jane Green.

I remember reading this book back then and thinking it was one of my favorites. Now I know that it's actually quite a horrible book. It starts off with this fat girl named, of course, Jemima Jones. Like I said, she's fat, has no friends, has never had a boyfriend, is in un-requited love with a co-worker, and all the other unfortunate and ignorant things that come along with being fat. Then, after a moment of revelation, she goes on a crash diet, loses an enormous amount of weight in a short amount of time, becomes obsessed with exercising and then gets a makeover by a chic and stylish "friend". She then moves to California where every single attractive man tries to pick her up. The co-worker, after having spent months apart (which sets up the "Is that really you Jemima?" scene) re-connects with her. They fall madly in-love, she regains a little weight (not enough to make her "fat" again) and get married. How.......quaint.

Really....how unrealistic can you get? This has never happened. This will never happen. There simply aren't happy endings like this anymore. Fat people don't transform themselves to perfect, chisled size 2's in the matter of three months. It's just not possible.

I guess re-reading this book has given me insight on just how much I've grown in the past 8 years. I remember thinking that this book was prolific and mirrored my life so much. Now I just see it as a distraction. Mindless drivel. I guess I am more in tune with reality now. For once, I would like to read a story about the fat girl who doesn't get slim yet still manages to find a nice guy and some wonderful friends. Maybe I should just write it myself.

Monday, October 13, 2008

First post!

In my defiance of all things work related, I've decided to set up a blog. I've wanted to for some time, but have been lazy. It is now 3:00 exactly on Monday. I'm waiting for the clock to strike 3:15 so I can break out of here. Not that work is bad........it's quite wonderful actually. I enjoy my kids, my sun-filled classroom, and the fact that almost everyone leaves me be.

So how does one go about this whole blogging thing? Do I write like I used to write on LiveJournal (god, remember that!). Or do I save this space for my ramblings about politics, religion and musical theater? Do I introduce myself?

I guess.............here goes.

I'm Kat. No, I'm not going to tell you my last name, or where I live. I'll give you a hint though.....people call this 'lil part of the world "The Armpit of America". I'm an educator, musician, amateur actress, history buff, wife, sister, daughter, friend, musical theater aficionado, godmother and damn good baker.