Friday, November 14, 2008

"Please clarify something for me"

That is how the last email I received from a parent started. "Please clarify something for me" No "Dear Mrs. C" or "Hey You" or "To Whom it may concern" just started off into some rant about their kid or something. I hate not being addressed formally in emails. You wouldn't just walk up to someone you never met and start talking to them without introducing yourself would you? No. You would say "Hello, my name is blah blah blah" I get countless emails from parents that start this way. I just can't believe how basic manners have gone out the window! It's just so rude. I swear I could write a book on this.


Broadway Carl said...

Hey Kat,

You're right. I can't stand that either. Even a "Hey Kat" would suffice, but if it's from your students' parents, you'd think at least a little formality would be in order.

Thanks for adding me to your "Follow This Blog" list. Hope you like what you read - I'll sto[ by hear as well.

If you read my profile, you'll know that I am a Broadway stagehand, so I'm looking forward to reading about your theatre adventures and your take on new shows and what musicals you like, etc.

Have fun with your new blog!

Broadway Carl said...

That should have been "I'll STOP by HERE as well." You'd think I'd learn to proofread by now.

Always use 'Preview'.