Monday, February 1, 2010


I'm having weight-loss surgery. No, really....this time I am. Soon. I think....

Tonight I'm going for my pre-surgery teaching class at Temple Hospital. Two more flaming hoops to jump through and I'm on the table. Hopefully....

I'm forever saying "When I lose weight.." or "When I get skinny.." So here are some of the things I will do when that happens.

1. I will wear a sundress (or any dress) without my thighs rubbing together
2. I will ride a rollercoaster
3. I will wear yellow
4. I will learn to walk in stillettos
5. I will run
6. I will throw out every last pair of control top pantyhose
7. I will go blonde
8. I will let a big strong man pick me up
9. I will buy a skirt
10. I will dance
11. I will sing
12. I will get that part
13. I will no longer stand to hear "You have such a pretty face."
14. I will be the woman my husband thinks I am
15. I will purchase a Burberry trench
16. I will buy a pair of ridicously expensive jeans
17. I will become a mother
18. I will re-learn to ride a bike
19. I will walk from my beach chair to the water without paralyzing fear
20. I will be the prettiest girl in the room

1 comment:

Carrie said...

God, this sounds familiar. I still make lists like this.

My battle with weight is entirely different than your own but I will tell you that I always struggle with never being thin enough.

In fact, I'm trying to lose a few Xmas pounds now and I want to make a list like this for motivation. I have a perfect number in my head that is almost impossible to acheive, but I have a feeling that even if I did it wouldnt be enough.

alright I'm going to try to sleep again now so I dont eat!