Saturday, August 22, 2009


N and I are remodeling our kitchen. Pink counter tops and flowerpot wallpaper be gone!

So, on Thursday the guy came to give us an estimate on some nifty new laminate flooring. After he left, we went over to Lowes and bought a new set of shiny stainless appliances. I haven't been that excited in a long time. When the floor was installed on Friday afternoon, I was literally shaking with anticipation. When it was finished I actually got down to lay upon it.

All this excitement got me thinking.

When is the point when you no longer become excited about toys, dolls, video games and become just as excited about, say, new bed linens or a sofa? Is there an exact moment you can pinpoint? It kinda makes me sad that I can't remember that moment, or those series of moments. How does childhood, the defining era in our lives, slip away so quietly? Sometimes I miss being a child so much. Especially in the summer. Especially at twilight. The sounds of the crickets, the fireflies, the robins transport me back to my youth. Running around my neighborhood with my friends....cherishing those last few moments of another fevered summer day. I think tomorrow I will go and buy a coloring book and some crayons. Try to get those feelings back. Or, maybe I'll just go back to Lowes and order some counter tops.

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caroline said...

I remember being 9 or 10 and watching the previews for Free Willy and realizing I had absolutely no desire to see it. That was an awakening for me because it was the first kids movie that had ever come out in my life that I really didnt want to see, at all. I remember thinking about how I must be growing up. Weird

If you want to color call me.